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But they overlook a powerful weapon that could help them fight illness and depression, speed recovery, slow aging and prolong life: their friends. Researchers are only now starting to pay attention to the importance of friendship and social networks in overall health. A year Australian study found that older people with a large circle of friends were 22 percent less likely to die during the study period than those with fewer friends.

A large study showed an increase of nearly 60 percent in the risk for obesity among people whose friends gained weight.

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And last year, Harvard researchers reported that strong social ties could promote brain health as we age. Adams, a professor of sociology at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. It baffles me.

gracias-vrs.com/hoby-what-is.php Friendship has a bigger impact on our psychological well-being than family relationships. Despite the distance, their friendships endured through college and marriage, divorce and other crises, including the death of one of the women in her 20s. Zaslow chronicles how their close friendships have shaped their lives and continue to sustain them.

The role of friendship in their health and well-being is evident in almost every chapter.

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Two of the friends have recently learned they have breast cancer. Kelly Zwagerman, now a high school teacher who lives in Northfield, Minn. Instead, she reached out to her childhood friends, even though they lived far away. I immediately had e-mails and phone calls and messages of support.

It was instant that the love poured in from all of them. When she complained that her treatment led to painful sores in her throat, an Ames girl sent a smoothie maker and recipes.

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It isn't easy, because friendship is a subtle dance, and no one wants to be explicitly pursued when it's unwelcome, or explicitly dropped when they are not wanted. Yes No Report this. For a couple of years he was a sought-after guest, moving in the company of people he had always wanted to meet. Edward is an author who says he was unprepared for the explosion of interest in him when he wrote a successful book. Career and family have consumed his time for 20 years, and now he feels oddly lonely. Until 1 falls in love and gets their heart broken when the other doesn't want a relationship.

Another, who had lost a daughter to leukemia, sent Ms. Brenda was often right about things like that, as she never let him forget. But Quince? Yet, for some reason, reporters wanted to talk to him.

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You were too busy being glad to get out of the interview to wonder why. October tenth. Zeke was frowning as they turned into his office suite. Brenda immediately stood and began spouting messages while she and Quince trailed him into his office. Not permanently.

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Got a few lilacs in Drago? A flash of memory came.

Spring of senior year, standing a block away from the parade route, well back from the crowds along the curb waving at the bands and clowns and floats. Something had a drawn him there. Though he would not stand at the curb and gawk with the rest of them. The one with the Lilac Queen and her court. Pale purple and white flowers everywhere, so many he thought he could smell them even from this distance. A flash of hair gleaming in the sun, faces smiling, hands waving. Then it was gone.

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Darcie, sitting across the chemistry lab table from him, grinning as she recited that poem — again — until he was about to go nuts. Zeke turned away, picked up the mail Brenda had opened. She left town, too. She must have let them use her name for this festival.

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Quince let it go willingly. Zeke was aware of him bringing a large screen on the wall to life, but his attention was on the paper.

Printed in black on white, then written in slanted letters: Jennifer Truesdale. No Stenner cluttering up the end.

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A glimpse of her long blonde hair could put him out of commission for days. Brenda harrumphed, hands on hips. From your mother. So, being a great friend to someone and having friends support your back is good for your wellbeing. But what, exactly, makes a good friend?

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A good friend walks the talk and shows that they care by their actions — big and small. Ask questions to get a sense of the problem or issue, but the main thing is to listen to them. Get physical Hugging your friends is a great way to show you care for them. Physical contact can be really comforting, especially when someone feels alone.