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T he trial is expected to continue this year.

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The journalist added that the sect has not been disbanded, as its members remain free. The minors belonging to the group are in the custody of the group's adults, under the supervision of the courts. The sect may also have other members, may be operating in other places in Spain and is present in several countries Ibid.

It has faced problems in some of those countries because of sex-related controversies involving minors Ibid. According to a representative of the Conference of Evangelical Churches of Spain, the Children of God sect apparently arrived on the Spanish mainland after beginning activities in the Spanish Canary Islands 25 Feb. Its problems with Spanish justice apparently stem from sexually-related problems involving minors Ibid.

The source added that the press and former followers of the sect have blamed the group for promoting or encouraging the prostitution of children Ibid. The attached news reports listed below provide additional information on the sect and its situation in Spain and some other countries.

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Some of the attached articles refer to the use of sexual promiscuity and prostitution for promoting the sect. One article quotes a report from Le Monde in which "a year old girl admitted prostituting herself to lure men into the Children of God" The Associated Press 11 Oct. A more recent report states that two former members of the sect in the Philippines claimed the group "encourages wife-swapping and promiscuity as well as incest and prostitution" Reuters 3 Apr. The authors of the book I Can't Believe It's a Bigger and Better Updated Unofficial Simpsons Guide commented that the episode was "an odd one" with "a lot of good moments", and went on to state that it was "a nice twist to see Burns determined to be loved".

However, the book also noted that "The Joy of Sect" is "another one where the central joke isn't strong enough to last the whole episode". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Simpsons portal.

The Joy of Sect

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The Love Sect

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