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Yes; it is the presence of all color-i. By holding an object nearer a light, will it increase or diminish the size of the shadow? It will increase it, because more rays are intercepted. Where do we see a rainbow in the morning? In the west. An architect, comparing the length o' two lines separated from each other, if he estimate within the 30th part, we leem very accurate; but a musician would not be considered very precise who only estimated within a quarter of a note. In a large orchestra, the leader will distinguish each note of each instrument.

Wc recognize an old-time friend by the sound of his voice, when the other senses utterly fail to recall him. The musician carries in his ear the idea of the musical key and every tune in the scale, though he is constantly hearing a multitude of sounds. A tune once learned will be remembered when the words of the song are forgotten. Pepper tells us that he tuned a fork which corresponded to 64, vibrations per second.

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Can any two sp5ectators see the same rainbow? They cannot, because no two persons can be at the right angle to get the same color from a drop. Why, when the drofps of water are falling through the air, does the bow appear stationary? Because the drops succeed each other so rapidly that they keep a constant impression on the retina. Why can a cat see in the night? Because the pupils of its eyes are larger, and so admit more light.

leondumoulin.nl/language/known/the-art-of-traveling-choreographing.php Why cannot an owl see in daylight? The pupils of its eyes are large enough to admit of cleal vision in the night, but they cannot be contracted, and so in daylight the owl becomes dazzled with the excess of light received. Wshy are we blinded when we pass quickly from a dara into a brilliantly lighted room?

The pupils of our eyes admit too much light, but they soon contract to the proper dimensions, and we can then see distinctly. When we pass out from a lighted room into the dark street, the conditions are reversed. If the light on a distant planet is only ylog that which we receive, how does its distance from the sun compare with ours? If when I sit 6 feet from a candle I receive a certain amount of light, how much will I diminish it if I sit back 6 feet further?

As my distance from the light is doubled, the light is inversely as 22, or only i as bright. Why do drops of rain, in falling, appear like liquid [hSoads?

The impression the drop makes on the retina remains until the drop reaches the ground. We see this illustrated in greasing a bit of paper. It becomes semitransparent because more light passes through it, but looks darker itself because less light is reflected to the eye. Does color exist in the object or in the mind of the observer?

In the mind. Color in the object can be only a peculiar property whereby a body absorbs some colors, and reflects or transmits others. Why is lather opaque, while air and a solution of soap are each transparent? By repeated reflections and refractions in passing through the unhomogeneous mass of lather, the rays are weakened. The principle is the same as that of deadening floors with tanbark. Why does it whiten molasses candy to jull it? Water is given up both in cooking and pulling. This causes more light to be reflected Q.

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Piri Weepu’s story is one of the most fascinating New Zealand rugby stories ever told. Born into a strong rugby league family — Piri’s brother Billy actually played for the Kiwis — Piri has risen to the very pinnacle of rugby union, while at the. Editorial Reviews. Review. " his biography is an enjoyable, humorous and informative account Piri - Straight Up: Cups, Downs & Keeping Calm Kindle Edition. by Heather Kidd (Author).

Why does plastering become lighter in color as it dries? Because, as the water evaporates, the mortar transmits less light, and reflects more light to the eye. Why does a photographer iuse a kerosene oil-lamp in the' dark-roomz? Some " dark-rooms" are lighted with yellow glass windows.

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Is the common division of colors into "cold" and "warm" verified in philosophy? Yes; red contains more heat than violet.

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I Why is the image on the camera, Fig. I67, inverted? The rays cross each other at the focus of the double convex len. WJhy is the second image seen in the mirror, Fig. As the latter is a beter reflector,. Each image after that will be weakened by the repeated reflection. Which can be heard at the greater distance, noise or music? Other things being equal, music will penetrate much further than noise. Boatmen call to each other, at a distance, in a musical tone. A band is heard above the noise of the rabble.

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It seems to be a wise arrangement of Providence that all harsh, discordant noises should perish as soon as possible, and only harmonious ones survive. Why are some bodies brilliant, and others dull? Some reflect the light better than others. A piece of stone coal lying in the sun's rays will shine so brilliantly that one will cease to see the coal at all, and will judge it to be a bright metal.

Why can a carpenter looking along the edge of a board tell whether it is straight? If the edge is straight, the light will be reflected uniformly to his eye from the whole length. Any uneven places will make dark and light spots. Why can we not see out of the window after we have lighted the lampf in the evening? The glass reflects the light of the lamp back to our eyes, and they adapt themselves to the increased amount. Why does a ground-glass globe soften the light? It scatters the rays. Why can we not see through. They transmit the light irregularly to the eye, and not uniformly, like a transparent body.

Why does the moon's surface appear flat? Because it is so distant that the eye cannot detect the difference between the distance of the centre and the circumference. Why can we see further with a telescope than with the naked eye? Because it furnishes us more light with which to see a distant object.

Why is not snow transparent, like ice? Because it is unhomogeneous. See problem I8. Are there rays in the sunbeam which we cannot see? We cannot see the heat or the chemical rays. Then closing one eye and looking steadily at one mark though we can see both , move the paper toward the eye. A point will be reached where the eye can perceive only one of the marks; on coming nearer, both will be seen again. Holding the card pretty near the eyes, look through these holes at the head of a pin.

There will seem to be two pin-heads. Since an impression is made on the retina of each eye, it would seem that we ought always to see objects double. The nerves from both eyes are so joined, however, before they reach the brain, that this effect is avoided. If, now, we cause the image on the retina to be made on parts of the eye which do not correspond to each other, we shall obtain a double image. Why is a rainbow in the morning a sign of foul, and in the evening of fair weather? In the morning it indicates a formation of clouds when the temperature is rising, and therefore shows a determination to moisture.

In the evening it indicates a clearing away when the temperature is falling, and hence shows a determination to dryness. Why is a red, lowering sky in the morning a sign of rain, and a brilliant red sky at night, of fair weather? Why does a distant light, in the night, seem like a star!

Why does a bright light, in the night, seem so much nearer than it. Why does a ray of light, j5assed through a small hole, of any shape, inz a card, make a round, bright spot? Why are these siots crescent-shaped during an eclipse? VWhat color predominates in artificial lights?

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Why does yellow seem white, and blue green, when seen jby artificial light? Because the white takes on, in the yellow rays. So, also, dark blue becomes purple, and red has a tawny hue.