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Rebecca thought she knew what happens when you give up everything for a man, but when she becomes the assistant to Bennet Ashby, her mind begins to change. What started as a single night of passion quickly grows into something so much bigger…and hotter! Ties are loosened once assistant Avery Fast visits the boardroom. Well, writer Derelie Honeywell and superstar reporter Jackson Haley are about to take the leap from strangers to something more after they participate in their own version of the experiment….

She may be used to taking the straight and narrow path, but this alpha male brings out her wild side. Office romances can be tricky. So a steamy romance only works if the company is super small owner perhaps or huge—otherwise, the gossip shreds it. I know because a former boss and his assistant locked themselves into the closet many times—during the day—when others were trying to reach them.

Their fling was sordid, torrid and short-lived. Real life can be a bitch. However, I suppose it also depends on what part of the country and industry too. Just then, Lisa stopped outside His new office where they would be finishing the tour. Talk about fine women. She was a petite white girl, at about 5 foot 5, with voluptuous curves all over and a cute brunette bob that framed a beautiful round face.

Carolyn Brown

She was young at only 20 years old, like a ripe piece of fruit waiting for a true man like Master Leon to take and enjoy. She had expected an old white man, not this virile Black god who stood before her, taking her breath away! He could feel her hand begin to perspire within His. An excellent sign. He turned back to Janice. He went into His office, closing the door behind Him. Janice sighed with relief as she sat down in her chair. It was hard enough meeting the new boss, but Leon made her weak at the knees. However her relief was short lived as just moments later, her phone rang.

Office Heat – Erotic Short Story for Women ebook by Rose Boyd

She quickly answered it, as a good secretary would. She quickly scurried around her desk and through His office door. She did so and looked across the room at Him. Master Leon was sitting in His high back chair, reclined slightly, arms crossed. She walked towards Him, drawn to His masculinity like a magnet.

On her side of the desk she noticed there was no chair for her to sit in. She would have to stand.

Suddenly she felt slightly exposed, like she was on display for Him. This was exactly as He had planned it when He moved the chairs away a little while ago. The mood was set, so He proceeded. Such a beautiful office requires a very beautiful assistant for Me. Janice blushed and bowed her head. She was flattered, but too embarrassed to even look at Him.

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Keep your head lowered like that. Janice was frozen like a deer in the headlights. But there was no place she would rather be than with this place.

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Office Heat - Erotic Short Story for Women eBook: Rose Boyd: Kindle Store. Read Office Romance from the story Short Stories of Lust and Passion by A woman in a tight, black miniskirt and a low-cut blue blouse with long dirty blonde .

He walked behind her and placed His hands on her shoulders and massaged her lightly, relaxing her. Her head leaned back as her muscles relaxed. He then lowered one hand and cupped one of her ample ass cheeks with it. Janice gasped softly.

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Your performance is excellent so far," He whispered. Now He had full access to His latest conquest. He started by moving his hands across the surface of her now bare cheeks, and then tracing a finger from the top of her cheeks down her crack. Janice shivered as his big black finger brushed her pink, puckered hole, so He lingered here for a bit, tracing circles around it.

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She bent forward across the desk and arched her back, sticking her butt out more toward Him. She was instinctively presenting her ass to Him to mount and enjoy, like a bitch in heat. Of course, Master Leon had seen this many times before, but was focused on her submissive offering, hungry for it like it was the first time. But Janice was just what He had surmised when they met: juicy and ripe, untouched by the inferior men of the agency.

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She was His for the taking. Right now I have another one in mind," He said, reaching his hand underneath and between her legs and inserting His fingers into her pussy, which was now leaking her cum and as wet as could be. Indeed He had never seen one wetter. It was time. Master Leon released her, stepped back, unbuckled his belt and undid his trousers.


They dropped to the floor. His boxers looked like a tent, with His mighty shaft the tent pole. He pulled them down next, exposing His fully hard, throbbing man meat.

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All the while He kept his gaze on His target. Janice was fresh meat, and now He intended to devour her.

Erotic Short Stories Full AudioBook Part 01

Leon leaned forward, placing His cock between her cheeks, extending onto her back. Leaning back, he traced the head of His cock along her crack, then underneath, right up to her glistening cunt. He knew the next part could cause more noise than He cared for, even though the day was nearly over and many were leaving the office.

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So He reached across to her mouth, covering it with one hand, placed the other hand on her hip, and dove into her swampy pussy with His African breeding stick. He felt a wave of pleasure as her warm pussy engulfed His rock hard cock. He only went half way in so as not to overwhelm her any more than she was already. He stroked her short brown hair repeatedly as one does a pet animal such as a dog or cat. As Master Leon well knew, this reassures and comforts livestock, letting it know that it is in trusted, loving hands.

Sure enough, in His expert control, Janice relaxed once again.