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By Michelle Bahe.

Male Nude Photography- 80s Time Machine - Cowboy

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Visit us and sign in to update your profile, receive the latest news and keep up to date with mobile alerts. Click here to return to the page you were visiting. We've sent an email with instructions to create a new password. Your existing password has not been changed. Though the weather had turned chilly, folks dressed in funky outfits strolled slowly up and down the wide sidewalks.

Peaceful and relaxed, they stopped to chat, to drink in some street music, or to browse the hand-made crafts hawked by outdoor vendors.

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View Gallery 69 Photos. Up until its victory, the best picture winners of the s were, to paraphrase the Mighty Boosh, as edgy as a satsuma, broadly divided between glitzy musicals and hoary historical dramas, with the honorable exception of the Sidney Poitier-starring In The Heat Of The Night. Not bounded by the laws of physics and containing inexplicable and invisible dangerous, the Zone can only be navigated with the help of a Stalker — an individual with special mental gifts who risks government imprisonment for taking the desperate, or the curious, into this forbidden area. It also featured oversized garments that "pushed and pulled and slightly fell off", innovatively tailored double-breasted jackets with hugely extended shoulders, and unisex cream-cotton macs with exaggerated, bat-wing sleeves. Gurule could not be reached for comment. Maye pleaded guilty to abuse charges in Pitt County Court on Sept.

Some ventured into shops or eateries, virtually all of them locally generated. At scattered spots along the way, eager young activists used their charms to sign up passers-by for idealistic causes. Every once in while, one could catch the foxy whiff of a still-forbidden substance. Sure, the hair is shorter, the crowd is more varied, the causes have evolved, and the prices on those modish crafts have skyrocketed.

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Intrigued by the number of local hotspots that celebrated their 40th anniversaries recently , we asked several dozen thoughtful Austinites who remember that time to share their reflections on how that decade affected this one. Retired advertising executive Forrest Preece — an Austin native whose family goes back generations in Central Texas — shares a telling memory. That moment was so perfect, my buddy and I could only stare at each other, speechless.

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Savvy public relations executive Elizabeth Christian, whose parents served as civic leaders in the s, starts with the numbers. But Austin was still a very young town then. The population had been relatively small and stable for a long, long time. Eddie Wilson, founder of the Armadillo World Headquarter s, mischievously adds some nightlife numbers.

Liquor by the drink came in. That got the year-olds off the sofas and back on the streets. Wilson recalls that any bar or club that came with a concrete slab big enough to hold a band became a music venue overnight. Earlier, in , the quickly adopted 26th Amendment to the U.

Constitution had lowered the voting age to 18 countrywide, creating a whole new bloc of voters in Austin. Not every young Texan could vote right away, however, since several counties insisted that college students cast their ballots where their parents lived.

That blocking maneuver was thwarted eventually. A view of the crowd on the last day of the Dripping Springs Reunion. Retired administrator Fred Thom arrived in and remembers when IBM setup its manufacturing plant here. Besides the boost to the economy, IBM helped change the way business was done, some of that culture imported from a previous plant in Lexington, Ky.

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From Nick Baer's archives, comes this look at a s Cowboy. An early photo shoot for Nick Baer, Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Nick Baer is a world famous photographer of male nudes.

Our Austin senior management was very instrumental in helping to develop programs at St. Edwards University, and many employees were also involved in Aqua Fest. To bring newcomers up to date, the Austin Aqua Festival, staged annually from to , combined outdoor music concerts with watery events. To give you a sense of its original family orientation, the first headliner was Art Linkletter, a TV personality best known for interviewing small children. The arrival of regional banks, formerly forbidden by regulatory law, gave Austin a fresh shot of capital in the s.

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Yet in the s, Austin nurtured countless new businesses, many of which still thrive, in part because of local brand loyalty. In fact, though Austinites often mourn the passing of Liberty Lunch, Les Amis or the Armadillo World Headquarters, dozens of defining s institutions lived on see the lists with this story. Dining was a fertile arena for start-ups. All four survive today.

Fairly quickly, the musical revolution was adopted by a newly nimble generation of business promoters. Not too long afterwards, the Chamber of Commerce and the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau recognized that music could be great for business and visitors. Austin Police confront protesters on the north shore of Town Lake just east of the I bridge in Austin at that moment was already boiling over on a related local issue, the repeated refusal of the Austin City Council to allow the Student Mobilization Committee to hold an antiwar march on the city streets. Confrontations — some of them violent — met antiwar protests in April and early May As an enormous crowd gathered on May 8, however, Federal Judge Jack Roberts ruled that they could march.

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As 20, demonstrators headed from campus to the Capitol, police opposition melted away. The goodwill lasted, at least for awhile, and the cross-cultural detente reached from Hippie Hollow to parts of East Austin. We were able to elect a mayor and council members. The vast majority of people in this culture came together to protest our involvement in Vietnam. Integration, begun in the late s and attended by decades of protests and lawsuits, also ushered in critical change. Wilhelmina Delco was among the first, elected to the school board in The long Economy Furniture strike, protests against powerboats on what is now Lady Bird Lake, and street support for the United Farmworkers expanded the political impact of Latinos.

Some would argue that the activist culture that overthrew the old business establishment in the s still sets the agenda in largely liberal Austin today.

The same city that barely gave Democratic candidate Jimmy Carter a win over President Gerald Ford in , for instance, went overwhelmingly for President Barack Obama in the past two elections. Just as Old Austin resisted the ardent New Austin of the s, the victors from that decade face a vastly more varied and just as energetic Newer Austin today. A few students and teachers integrated Austin schools as early as the s, but wholesale busing increased social tensions in the s.