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The Epiphone B. King Lucille was designed by B. Get the thrill and play the Epiphone B. King Lucille today at your Authorized Epiphone Dealer.

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The Thrill Is Back. King has always preferred ES style guitars, most prominently the ES To get the tone and volume combination that he wanted for his sound, King found he was often on the verge of feedback. His solution was to ask the Kalamazoo factory to make a version of Lucille without f-holes.

  • 2. She was born with a ‘pep in her step’.
  • Lucille Ball influenced more than you think;
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Position 2, 5db at Hz is B. Along with an ebony finish and gold hardware, the B. More Archtop. Emperor Swingster Blue Royale.

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Riviera Custom P93 Blue Royale. Wildkat Blue Royale. Riviera Custom P93 Red Royale. She was the star of the popular television series, I Love Lucy. As an entertainer and businesswoman, Ball continuously broke barriers for women in entertainment business. Eventually, her mother remarried.

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By the age of 12, Ball knew that she loved being on stage. She enrolled in many acting classes and in , her mother sent her to John Murray Anderson School for Dramatic Arts. There she trained under popular teachers and one of her classmates was future Hollywood star, Bette Davis. Unfortunately, Ball did not enjoy her time at the school and the teachers believed that she lacked talent. She did not let the opinions of others stop her. Ball started working as a model in , but she was never able to keep steady work. In , she moved to Hollywood, California.

For the next few years, Ball held small roles in several motion pictures. During this time, she also worked in theatre. In , while working on movie set, she met Desi Arnaz, a Cuban American actor.

The couple started dating immediately and eloped only a year later. They proved to be a powerful couple. Their relationship was the inspiration behind a television show created by Ball.

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I Love Lucy premiered in Ball produced the series which centered around the marriage of Desi and Lucy. The show was an instant success.

The Legacy of Lucille: The Surprising Story Behind B.B. King’s Guitar

It received critical acclaim and went on to win over twenty awards including five Emmys. It remained on the air until and created several spin-offs. Ball also used her star power to financially invest in the ent ertainment business. In , Ball and her husband created Desilu Productions.

Ball and Arnaz divorced in When the marital relationship ended Arnaz decided to sell his ownership of Desilu Productions to Ball. The deal made her the first woman to own a major studio. Ball guest starred in several popular television shows before she retired in