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The Danube Pilot , also posthumous, takes place in Sigmaringen and tells the adventures of a Magyar fisherman who embarks on a crazy gamble: kilometers along the Danube, without living other resources than that of his fishing. More information about this seller Contact this seller 8. ROUx dont 12 grandes gravures en chromotypographie - Edition originale. More information about this seller Contact this seller 9. About this Item: J. Hetzel, Paris , Grd. Engel relieur en bas du premier plat. Second plat de type engel b aux palmettes avec encadrement de grecques et macaron central. Gardes marron.

Second plat comportant de petites traces de frottement. Bon exemplaire. Cartonnage said "to the Copernican sphere" red. Engel binder down the first plate. This cardboard is considered one of the greatest aesthetic successes. Beautiful first plate with brilliant golds, with a small dark area on 2cm.

Edged corners and edges. Good back but rubbed headgear. Some rare foxing in the margins on a very fresh paper. A sheet very slightly out.

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Corners a little soft. Good copy overall. The characters of this novel were expatriated on the comet Gallia, due to the remoteness of the sun, they undergo a series of adventures. Jules Verne used all the astronomical knowledge known to develop his novel, which destined it more for an adult audience, even if the fantasy and the lightness are present.

Condition: BE.

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Bel exemplaire, rare dans cette couleur. A few thin lines of discoloration to lower cover. Four centimeters crack to endpapers. Occasional faint spotting. A very good copy, rare in this color. An adventure story set during the American Civil War, this work is a return to adventure stories for the author after several books of science fiction. Second plat avec encadrement de palmettes et macaron central. Coins bien pointus. Exemplaire bien frais, exempt de rousseurs. Carton to an elephant with title in the red vermilion fan. Back to the lighthouse.

Beautiful top plate, but small areas scraped around "Extraordinary Journeys". Second flat good, but with some scraped areas at the left corner. Beautiful back, with clean gold, with a headdress a little sagging, the tail perfect. Along the outer edge, 1. Sharp corners.

Copy very fresh, without freckles. Very nice copy. The invasion of the sea , is the last novel which Jules Verne was able to correct the tests, and happens in Tunisia and in Algeria: project of a channel which would flood a part of the Sahara. As for the Lighthouse at the end of the world , Jules Verne did not correct the proofs and it was his son Michel who made a number of changes to the original text. Wreckers lurking there, reminiscent of Stevenson's novel of the same name. These two novels first appeared for the first time in Bennet et P. Un Volume double, catalogue S. Un accroc en bordure droite. Second plat de type b, avec rosace, palmettes d'angle. Petites taches blanches sur le second plat. Ce volume est le premier paru du triptyque : Les grands voyages et les grands voyageurs ; il concerne les voyages par voie de terre. Sur la seconde page de garde, un timbre sec : Librairie Devisme, et un tampon, Bertin Postel, vitrier.

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Lebris, L. Checklist of Cerambycidae. Coleoptera, vol. Ning, T. Part 4. Saba and St.

En dehors des rousseurs sur les pages du catalogue et en page de titre en raison de la serpente, exemplaire frais. AP catalog in-fine connected. One of the rare titles of Verne belonging to the police genre, with a survey to conduct and an enigma to solve. A family, for a wedding in Brazil, goes down the Amazon on a boat called jangada, a kind of train on wood. Most of the faults north of the recent volcanics dip southward.

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This is where the largest offsets are found. South of Pointe du Quesy, mostly open fissures are observed. The morphology of the fault scarps, and the fact that most are associated with arrays of parallel, open fissures reaching the surface, imply that the faults are active and accommodate current extensional strain.

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Figure 14a shows the principal faults we mapped. The inner floor of this trough is bounded by antithetic normal faults. The northern wall is broader, smoother and more gently sloping. A seismic reflexion profile across it yields insight into its structure [ Bouysse et al. To the north, sediments pond against two synthetic normal faults. The steepness of the southern wall prevents identification of possibly different, parallel, normal faults. The south dipping normal faults that bound the north side of the graben appear to encroach upon the northeastern coast of Grande Terre, after veering toward a more southwesterly direction Figure 14a.

The cumulative vertical throws of the faults decrease from east to west as the faults terminate onland in Grande Terre. This graben's floor is flanked by two active, antithetic normal fault systems. The outer faults of those systems cut the reefs onland while the inner faults are visible both in the bathymetry and on seismic sections P9B and P02A roughly perpendicular to the graben [ Bouysse and Guennoc , ; Got et al.

Some of them are observed in cross section along seismic profile P9B Figure 14b. Motion on most of them has tilted northward the footwall blocks they bound e. There is little evidence of active, ongoing slip along its southern, largest bounding fault, however. We therefore infer that it is older.

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Both rifts seem to have propagated westward with both of their tips encroaching upon the main islands of Guadeloupe. The cumulative vertical throws of the Marie Galante rift bounding faults imply that such faults have been active for a few hundred thousand years at most. Such ages are roughly synchronous with the main volcanic building epochs that formed the 1. Thus there seems to be a relationship, in terms of geometry and timing, between volcanism and rifting in this part of the Caribbean Arc.

Both the most ancient and the most recent volcanic complexes seem to have developed at the western tip of rifts that were propagating westward, right at the intersection between such rifts and the deep magma source that follows the volcanic arc. The various eruptive products pyroclastic debris flows, andesitic flows, ash layers, extrusive domes, etc. To the north and south, the outer walls of the escarpments probably act as topographic buttresses while the volcano slopes extend regularly down beneath the Caribbean sea and Atlantic Ocean to the west and east Figure 15a.

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Michel Onfray publie son onzième livre chez Grasset. Depuis son prix Médicis de l'essai (pour La sculpture de soi), ses livres ont rencontré une audience. Tome 3, L'archipel des comètes [Michel Onfray] on L'archipel des comètes (essai français) (French Edition) and millions of other books are.

Such steepness toward the east probably makes the former flank more unstable than the latter. The epicenters plotted in Figures 16 and 2b are from the annual reports of the Observatories of Guadeloupe and Martinique. For the events outside of the network i. This confirms that the graben bounding faults are active, as inferred from morphology onland. We infer that it ruptured this fault. That of the 16 May earthquake, whose magnitude was comparable [ Bernard and Lambert , ], has been located near Capesterre. Although the trend of this zone is parallel to that of the graben, the fault plane solutions of several of the shocks show thrust mechanisms on northerly striking planes, implying rupture of the plate interface Figure 2a.

The absence of a large tsunami, and of significant vertical deformation along the coastlines of Antigua and Guadeloupe, indeed suggests that this large shock might have been an interplate thrust event, deep enough that the rupture did not propagate to the seafloor [ Bernard and Lambert , ]. That earthquake is therefore also consistent with extension perpendicular to the trench. The conclusions we reach on the styles and rates of deformation can also be better integrated with overall deformation scenarios of the Caribbean arc, in the framework of new, now well constrained GPS kinematic data at plate scale.

Such extension gives rise to prominent normal fault and fissure systems that cut either emerged coral platforms, submerged reefs, or volcanic edifices. In the volcanic part of the arc, other, arc parallel normal or oblique faults are found locally. The opening of current tensile cracks range from a few centimeters to a meter.