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We grant Hero wishes to children who have faced life-altering circumstances with extreme bravery and courage. We award these young Heroes who are in the care of hospitals, shelters, and other facilities nationwide with special Hero bears, t-shirts, certificates, and, best of all, a gift card to spend however they choose. In doing so, it became apparent that there were so many children in circumstances that deserved to be recognized, but did not qualify for our original program.

He is also an award-winning travel writer and is editor-at-large for National Geographic Traveler. Share Tweet Email. Octo-Man and the Headless Monster. Lake Effect. Paul Ruffolo Photography. Algonquin Young Readers. The Grand Finale also shows what becomes of the surviving cast 20 years down the line. Yo-kai Watch: Shadowside : Nate Adams is ten years old in the first Yo-Kai Watch anime and game, but in the fourth movie and in Shadowside he's 40, married to his childhood crush Katie, and has two kids who are the main characters in Shadowside. He has since lost the ability to use a Yo-kai Watch and see youkai.

He now works as a normal salaryman. The Cute Kitten Series Mascot Jibanyan has grown into a scraggly looking, deep-voiced adult in the past 30 years. He can now transform into a huge bipedal form that destroys trucks when as a kitten his Running Gag was that he'd always get hit by them. The second mascot, Komasan, also matured. Van Flyheight of Zoids: Chaotic Century starts out as a ish boy who is rather rash and reckless, and at first only manages to get by as a Zoid pilot thanks to the power of his Organoid Zeke.

Come Guardian Force , he's grown more mature and serious, keeping a level head during combat. Lyrical Nanoha. Nanoha starts being a hero at age 9 , grows up into a teenage asskicker in the A's manga, and then to a professional adult asskicker from StrikerS onward. He later got his own Spin-Off , The Adventure of Sinbad , which chronicles his adventures in his teenage days.

It features a now adult Rena in contemporary times.

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It also reveals that everyone in the village died over 20 years ago except for Rena , who was taken out of town for trying to bomb the school. A manga-only arc, Yoigoshi-hen , has a group of teenagers meeting a now-adult Mion. It turns out to actually be her identical twin Shion, with Mion's spirit controlling her.

Ever since Go! Princess Pretty Cure , we tend to see our heroines living normal lives after saving the world. Of note is Maho Girls Pre Cure , where Mirai is devastated at being normal because it meant never seeing her best friend Riko again. Thankfully, The Magic Comes Back and they reunite. By Stardust Crusaders he's 69 and has a daughter and an illegitimate son in Josuke though still spritely enough to keep pace with younger companions. By Diamond Is Unbreakable , he's 79 and has allowed old age to take it's course, with him barely able to move about without his cane. Jotaro Kujo is a 17 year old high-schooler during Stardust Crusaders.

In Diamond is Unbreakable he's a 28 year old Marine Biologist, his brief cameo in Vento Aureo has him at 30, and by Stone Ocean he's entering his 40s, had married, divorced, and had a daughter, Joylne Cujoh, who's the protagonist of that story.

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Straighten Up! Granted, they are now third years so they're still young, but all three look more mature as to how they started. Moto Takagi-san takes place ten years after the main series, Teasing Master Takagi-san. The middle school-aged characters are now young adults with a daughter. Gin is now an adult dog who has even sired his own cub. Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls : After the Joujinshuu's attack on the kids, there are two timeskips of several years. The second takes us back to the Kouga and Iga kids as young adults practicing their improved techniques on each other again.

Comic Books. Batman : Dick Grayson aka Robin aka Nightwing is probably the most prominent example in comic books, having started as Batman's Kid Sidekick before eventually becoming a successful independent hero. Jason Todd , like Dick Grayson, was a boy when he started his partnership with Batman.

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After being brought Back from the Dead , however, he's a young man perhaps slightly younger than Dick. Post reboot he is shown as the last surviving Teen Titan who eventually becomes Batman. Pre-Crisis Batgirl was a full-fledged adult when she first became a crimefighter with no outside input, but Post-Crisis retconned Barbara Gordon into becoming Batman's student during her teenage years.

Much like his best friend Dick, Wally West aka The Flash is another iconic example in the comic books, starting as the sidekick of the second Flash Barry Allen , before growing up and taking the mantle himself. Bucky Barnes is this zig-zagged: He was originally a Kid Sidekick , then died, then got ret-conned into a year-old highly trained commando, then became a villain, then became The Atoner.

In addition to Dick Grayson and Wally West, the other Teen Titans from both its first and second generations are no longer teens as well which is why the title is often changed to simply "Titans" : Cyborg, Raven, Starfire , Beast Boy, Bumblebee, Aqualad, Aquagirl, Terra, and many others have all grown into young adults. Wonder Girl Donna Troy has grown up, gotten married, had a child, become a widow and outlived her child.

And that's just skimming the surface. Gal's had it rough. Speedy likewise has grown up, gained and kicked a heroin addiction, had a child, became a single father, and changed his name from Speedy to Arsenal to Red Arrow and then back to Arsenal. Like Donna, his daughter was also killed off eventually before she was retconned completely.

Spider-Man , along with Dick Grayson, is one of the most prominent examples in comics. In his case, he was one of the first solo Kid Heroes , and thus one of the few to retain a starring role in his own series. At the very least, ten years have passed in the main Marvel Universe despite the floating time scale, and Peter's gone from the age of 15 to, as per Nick Spencer's run, his "mid 20s". Fantastic Four.

Johnny Storm began the series as a teen, but is now somewhere in his mid-to-late twenties.

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Bialy said the gun went off once or twice. Not long after that Scott had just finished a motocross race at Dirt Country in nearby Blanchester, Ohio. Views Read Edit View history. The series will follow the young heroes who are making remarkable and positive change across communities by dedicating their lives in self less acts of bravery and kindness. But as any parent would tell you, 'It's a heck of a trade off.

Jubilee and Kitty Pryde were Wolverine 's kid sidekicks at different points in the comic's cycle. Notably, when Kitty grew up and became too old to tag along with Wolvie, Jubilee became his new sidekick.

Later on, Jubilee was herself replaced by either Armor or X , depending on the series. Superman : The original Superboy is the prequel version of the trope, which tells the adventures of a younger Superman. Lana Lang , however, is a straight example, as Lana started as a Lois Lane analogue in the Superboy books before the adult version appeared in the Superman books. Pre-Crisis Supergirl began her hero career when she was fifteen. Through the duration of the Pre-Crisis era she grew up, graduated college, changed jobs several times Chris Kent is a little kid when he is introduced in Last Son.

Several plot-relevant artificial agings later and he's an adult hero who goes by Nightwing in New Krypton. Life with Archie: The Married Life was created in order to invoke this with the Archie Comics characters, who never age. There were three separate universes—the one where Betty married Archie, the one where Veronica married Archie, and a short spinoff where Valerie from Josie and the Pussycats married Archie.

The comic dealed with more mature issues than the classic comics. It ended with Archie dying after Taking the Bullet for his friend Kevin after a man tried to kill him. Now he's a year-old jackass running a comic book store. Archibald, Atchi and Atcha are still small, though they did gain a few inches in height. The Child of Love : The epilogue and sequels happen several years after the War. Shinji and Asuka have grown up and got married, and they live mostly peacefully while raising their two children, although they have to pilot war mechas occasionally.

Child of the Storm has a case in the sequel, where a deeply cynical year-old Harry who's ended up Resigned to the Call , meets his older self and older by at least a millennium - or at least, an older counterpart who opts to go by Nathan to avoid confusion, since their timelines diverged before the series began. Twelve years later, they are in their late twenties and they keep being soldiers. The Bridge shows up what happened to Godzilla Junior had we gotten to see him age into an adult since the s.

Now in his prime, he's became his world's Big Good , saving it numerous times from more malign kaiju and alien invaders. A Crown of Stars happens several years after the Angel War. Shinji and Asuka -who were teenagers back then- are now in their early twenties.

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In The Second Try , Shinji and Asuka were teenagers when they fought for first time in the original timeline; in this story they're in their early twenties although due to the complexities inherent to time-travel they still look teenagers. In the third arc of Hellsister Trilogy , Supergirl meets the grown-up versions of the '' Legion of Super-Heroes , eighteen years older than the teenager heroes she used to team up with.

She wants to see what two legendary gods fighting is like. Don't Haze Me is a Kim Possible oneshot where the former teen superhero Kim Possible has trouble adjusting to adult life.

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Her enemies are becoming increasingly violent and her viewpoint is quickly changing. Eventually this leads her to join up with Shego and become an Anti-Hero. Several of the Hasbroverse heroes were children when their adventures began, and their lives have gone on since.