Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit
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This has left those looking to travel with their bounty of smelly fruit with few options — until now.

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Eager to tap the durian-loving market segment to distinguish itself from competitors, the company has launched a durian-friendly policy and service for anyone traveling to and from Rayong province, arguably the heart of durian cultivation. This is good news to all durian-toting passengers except those in the capital — Nakhon Chai has no Rayong-Bangkok service.

Forbidden Fruit No.6 - Goddess Armour

CEO Kruawan Wongrakmitr said this is in fact the second durian-season wherein the firm has offered to accommodate the popular but divisive fruit. A company spokeswoman, who was unauthorized to give her name, said on the phone Tuesday that four sizes of styrofoam boxes are available for durian lovers to pack their precious fruit, adding that assistance was available if needed.

Forbidden Fruit

The packages start at 75 baht for the smallest box that can hold one, small durian. It costs baht, inclusive of tape and plastic bags to contain the bouquet.

The company has even published a step-by-step manual on proper durian-packing procedures. Asked if any untoward and smelly incidents have occurred, or whether emergency evacuations were ever needed, the staff reassured there has been none so far.

Forbidden Fruit

The company estimates it handles about a dozen durian transactions daily during harvest season, which runs May to July. In Forbidden Fruit, 19 year old Liza finds the support she needs when she crosses paths with 3 strangers in an Alabama Abortion Clinic. In May , Alabama legislators passed a bill to effectively ban all abortions in the state and criminalize doctors with felonies and up to 99 years imprisonment for the procedure. Governor Kay Ivey signed the bill into law, which will go into effect January only 6 months from now! In the current political climate, it is vital to speak on issues and make our voices heard.


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Please donate to help tell the true story of women in Alabama, who would directly be affected by these life-changing laws. We hope this film will inspire change, encourage people to take action, and comfort those who share similar stories.

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But every single one matters. So help us bring this to life in the best way it possibly can.


Forbidden fruit is a phrase that originates from the Book of Genesis concerning Adam and Eve in Genesis – In the narrative, Adam and Eve eat the fruit of . When it comes to fruit, you usually think about something sweet, refreshing, juicy, sometimes bitter but generally tasty. Well, that could change.

We will be shooting August , so that we can get this story out as soon as possible! These funds will go to flights for crew and ground travel during production. FOOD For cast and crew.

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