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Why is availability limited? They were meant to be both friends and lovers! I loved how everything was resolved and made "right as rain" for Sniper and Piper! Sadly this was the last published book of Crystal Spears to the Breakneck MC series but dang Pyro's story was left unsettled. I'm wondering if Pyro will eve get his Happily Ever After with say Jinx Kaye but who knows Just left me wondering Oct 13, Judith rated it it was amazing. Hell Yes, just loved Piper and Sniper' s story, think this is my favourite in series so far What a brilliant, strong, totally likeable character Piper is, I loved her.

God dam, that man is HOT!!! Sexy, yet he also seemed to have a vulnerability about him, which is the perfect combination. I love this Author's style of writing and how she doesn't only concentrate on 2 main characters but keeps other characters stories going Am looking forward to more of Shadow and Tea' s story and am ho Hell Yes, just loved Piper and Sniper' s story, think this is my favourite in series so far I love this Author's style of writing and how she doesn't only concentrate on 2 main characters but keeps other characters stories going Am looking forward to more of Shadow and Tea' s story and am hoping Pyro and Jinx get together, God I'm sure this series can go on and on, the characters are that good This series is definitely more on the gritty side of the MC books which I love Oct 01, April Brookshire rated it it was ok Shelves: bikers.

There's a thin line between gritty and trashy. And sometimes the characters in this series are riding that line. I'll be into the story, then the characters will act trashy and I'm not liking them, then I'll get back into it and they'll do something else trashy. And I was somewhat bored with the romance. They were cute together as friends, but I wasn't wowed by them actually being in love. I like both Sniper and Piper as they are the funny ones in the series. I love how strong Piper is no matter what happens she still fights to live.

After all she has been through this girl is still standing and ready to fight.

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Nov 02, Paula rated it really liked it Shelves: genre-mc. Sniper was sweet but very deadly, I certainly wouldn't want to get on his bad side! Piper was really sweet and has Sniper by her side. This is a story of how friendship turns into love and I loved it. Sep 06, R rated it it was amazing Shelves: strange-sexy-but-dark-men-character , bad-stuff-happens , ar-badass , all-in-nook-archive , already-read-sexy , all-alpha-hot-males , read-read-again-and-again , all-alpha-females , strange-sexy-dark-male-char-all , for-all-smut-included.

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Responding to the creation of factories that breed dogs only to euthanize them and turn their remains in Please, for me? I tend to talk a lot and always question problems. People you thought dead How many times in a series do i have to read about the same plot?

Love love this mc. Sep 25, Monique rated it liked it Shelves: bikers , series-connected-ongoing , watch-for-it. Rating: 3 Stars From friends to lovers. As we learned in a previous book, Sniper and Piper are the closest of close best friends who love each other. This book focuses on how they went from friends who love to friends who fell in love. Peppered in was a new MC threat and it made for solid reading. I thought the friendship between Sniper and Piper was great. They seemed to enjoy the same things and had an easy way about them.

To fall in love with a best friend that you can share any and every thing with This is what Sniper and Piper shared. I liked the dialogue between the couple and felt the love radiating from them. They seemed to be a good fit.


There was also another Breakneck chapter where we were treated to storytelling from several other characters. As I mentioned in another book I love when Crystal Spears does this!! We were also introduced to a few more characters, who I'm sure will appear in future books. Keeping with the MC style, there was more of the same MC drama that happened in the story.

Although not surprising or unexpected, I thought the writing was good.

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Why Not 5 Stars? Repetitive - The constant referring to them being best friends started to get on my nerves. Each time Sniper or Piper told their point of view, I was constantly reminded that they were best friends. We already knew this from the beginning and it did not need to be repeated during each of their pov's.

Lack of development in the MC drama department - I thought the new threat was created quickly and resolved even quicker. A meeting takes place and boom Just like that. On a related note: I was also disappointed that the view spoiler [ kidnapping hide spoiler ] drama was repeated. This is becoming the new standard for most MC books and it's no longer exciting or creative to read Unfinished business - A blast from the past comes back into the story and there was very little information provided as to why and what happened. This was glossed over and not in a plausible way. Also, a new female character appeared in the beginning and then we did not get updates on her at the end. I wanted to know how she was doing and what her future looked like post threat. Jan 17, Juli rated it really liked it. Oh yes, Sniper and Piper, the joksters, the pranksters, the ones who names rhyme. Again I warn anyone who has triggers to be aware there are some traumatic events that take place in this book. These two have been so into each other, it was kind of hard to believe they didn't see it when everyone else did. This book was fun, funny and heartbreaking which is kind of the theme in this series if I'm being honest not judging because I love it.

There is so much that happens I don't even know where to b Oh yes, Sniper and Piper, the joksters, the pranksters, the ones who names rhyme. There is so much that happens I don't even know where to begin, but I will say the moment that stuck to me the most was when Sniper finally realized what was in his heart all along and fights desperately to get it back safe and sound.

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And she won't let her best friend get away if she has anything to say about it. Sep 04, Darcy rated it really liked it Shelves: , erotica , e-book. This one was heartbreaking!

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I am so thankful that you stopped by. Please know you are always welcome here! At the outset Discovering Me, was my journey of becoming who I am and how I. Discovering Me Nursery School invites pre-school age children (2 3/4 to 5 years old) to our nursery school and Pre-K in Larchmont, NY in Westchester County.

I loved Piper and Sniper's friendship and wondered how they couldn't see that they were perfect for each other. It was only once Piper was dragged into a nightmare that she already lived through that each realized what they had been building towards for the last year. I loved that Piper was able to stay strong, that she was able to comfort someone else, that she made the decision to live and do something about it!

I also loved that Sniper fought just as hard to find Pi This one was heartbreaking! I also loved that Sniper fought just as hard to find Piper.

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I was stunned to learn who had been helping the club, that person will bring about some interesting developments in the future. Like all the other books in this series there was violence, but the violence at the end was so deserved and I loved reading about it. I even loved that it was recorded so that Piper could know that she was avenged, an act of love, an odd one, but one none the less. Oct 26, Shelley rated it really liked it. Piper and Sniper are best friends.

Everyone else around them can see the love between the two and doesn't understand why they just arent together. The last thing Sniper or Piper would ever want is to lose each other so they just decide even after their one incredible night together they just cannot go there.

When suddenly Piper is taken from Sniper he qucikly realizes how much she means to him and will stop at nothing to get her back and make her his. Piper is back in a place she thought she put Piper and Sniper are best friends. Piper is back in a place she thought she put behind her but she knows if anyone can save her it is Sniper but she also knows she is stronger then before and to get back to Sniper she just might have to save herself. This book is more like the first two in the series. It is action backed full of old characters with really strong female characters.

IT is a really quick fast paced read.

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Sep 01, Barbara rated it it was amazing. This is My Zon Review People you thought dead New Chicks introduced View 2 comments.

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Nov 03, Brenda rated it it was amazing. This Series is Amazing!! This series is Amazing!! It has it all. Violence, Drama, Hot Sex that you have to change your panties! Snipper and Piper, oh where to begin. Those two are the best of friends until one night of Hot Amazing sex makes them both start questing if there is more there than just Best friends.

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